Fotografia dla firm w Warszawie - profesjonalne usługi fotograficzne
Trener wskazuje markerem w oczestników
Trener wskazuje markerem w oczestników
Fotografia dla Firm


Profesjonalne usługi fotograficzne w Warszawie
Zdjęcia reklamowe

Zdjęcia reklamowe

Które pomogą Ci się przebić!
Fotografia Eventowa

Fotografia eventowa

W każdych warunkach!

Event Photography

Professional photos from events in Warsaw

Recommended Event Photographer

According to the opinion of most people, photos are the most beautiful souvenir that remains after special events and events, fairs, conferences, corporate events or birthdays. It is not surprising that people are increasingly reaching for the photographer’s offer to capture the most important moments of their lives. However, in order for the souvenir to be worth attention, it is worth using the services and opinion of a professional.

Marcin Krokowski – Photographer from Warsaw

In Warsaw, you can find a wide range of photographers who offer taking photos at special events and events, but only a few approach the order in an individual and extremely professional way. Many times in his long career as a photographer I took photos at special events and events, always with a stunning effect ! The clients were extremely pleased with the results of my work, thanks to which I gained the opinion of a good photographer at an affordable price.

I train my eye all the time, in my neighborhood, as well as during journeys that I love. Check out my blog if you want to learn more about how I photograph everyday.

Event photographer - Marcin Krokowski

Event Photography

Photographer at the press meeting
Press meeting at the Sen nad Wisłą club

Intel brand press meeting at the Sen club on the Vistula River in Warsaw, on affordable notebook solutions.

Photo in the club Warszawa
Birthday party in Syrenim Śpiewie

Photo report from a crazy birthday party at the Syreni Śpiew club in the Koneser Center in Warsaw.

photo report from the gala in the Kreglicki fort
Photo report from the 10th anniversary of the IT company

Gala on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of OneSystem in the Kręglicki Fort in Warsaw’s Żoliborz.

Do you want to see more photos?

I have worked with clients such as Winter National, Coca-Cola, mBank, Motorola, Intel, Volkswagen, Reebok, Danone, 4Move, Honor and many other brands. I also collaborated with the organizers of large and small local fairs in and around Warsaw, such as – Warszawski Smak, Wege Festiwal, Fashion in Warsaw. You’ll find a lot of them in mine portfolio .

Interior photography and 360 photos

As a photographer from Warsaw I also specialize in interior photography and virtual walks to provide comprehensive photographic services for event venues, restaurants and hotels. I am one of the Google Street View Trusted Recommended Photographers so I can make high quality virtual walk for a business card in Google Maps. I also do real estate sessions for sale not only in Warsaw.

Virtual tours 3d offer

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