30th Birthday party at the Brant Hotel

See what the birthday party at the Brant Hotel looked like and the fun on the dance floor in a cowboy style.


Birthday at a 4-star hotel Brant Hotel in Majdan near Warsaw, she prepared for Kornel her beloved birthday boy .. She took care of everything, inviting guests, renting a room in the hotel, inviting a DJ and preparing a dance floor with a special wall with balloons for the birthday boy where you could take photos.

Hotel Brant

Birthday dinner at the Hotel

At the Brant Hotel, I have already had the opportunity to photograph several different events, i.e. baptisms, weddings or conferences. The birthday room is perfect for this. It is an ideal place for a small party for several dozen guests, but with the possibility of having fun on the dance floor of the next room. When a few other events take place on one day, as is the case in hotels, here we are separated from the rest of the hotel. It is also the most beautiful room for such occasions and parties. Wooden furniture, paintings on the walls, candles and retro lamps create a balanced atmosphere for dinner combined with fun. With more guests, there is also a part with a bar.

Birthday party at the Hotel

The most important part of the event, i.e. the birthday party, took place on the dance floor. Behind the console appeared a friend of the birthday boy who took care of the audio-visual setting. I added 1-2 lamps to the photos, which helped me to capture couples rushing on the dance floor. The fun began with welcoming the guests and dancing led by the birthday boy and his wife.

Birthday cake

At the end of the fun, it was time for a birthday cake that contained everything the birthday boy liked the most – golden, whysky and motorbikes.

Photographer for a birthday

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