4Move Champions Camp

Event photo from a corporate event at the Mazurkas Hotel in Ożarów Mazowiecki, during which Jerzy Dudek himself appeared – the goalkeeper of the Polish national team.


The Champions Camp corporate event was organized for the best employees of 4Move. The whole event was carried out in a football atmosphere, as 4Move became a sponsor of the national team and the Polish Cup in Polish in night soccer.

One of the main guests of the event was, among others, Jerzy Dudek, and Adam Nawałka – coach of the Polish national team. That evening, a light and dance show was also presented, and for fans of the competition, game consoles were also prepared, on which you could compete in a football match.

Hotel Mazurkas in Ożarów Mazowiecki

Hotel Mazurkas is located approx. 30 min by car from the center of Warsaw. I had the opportunity to participate in several events organized in this place, also as a guest. It is a well-connected place within Warsaw, where you can organize trainings, conferences or corporate events.

Each time I was very impressed with the service and organization of events in this place. That day I photographed a corporate event for the best employees of the 4Move brand.

The hall in which the official part took place was located in the part with high school ceilings. It was twilight, which was broken by delicate lighting and a well-exposed and amplified stage equipped with a large screen.

Dudek dance

The special guest of the event was the goalkeeper of the Polish national team – Jerzy Dudek, who appeared on the stage to, among other things, answer the questions of the guests. He also presented his signature number – Dudek Dance.

After the official part, Dudek did not run away like a typical star, but greeted the guests after leaving the stage and exchanged a few words with the participants of the event. Of course, it did not take joint photos and autographs. One of them even left one of the participants’ shirt on the back.

Dance with lasers

Another attraction of the evening was a laser show prepared by a dance team. It started interestingly, in a slight twilight, and then it was only even better.

A lot of heavy smoke was pushed into the halls and the lights were turned off even more to present not only the lights, but also the forests. The effect was partly reminiscent of Star Wars lightsabers, but instead of fighting, they were shown in a dance.

Party on the dance floor

The rest of the event took place on the dance floor, where everyone had the opportunity to go crazy. This is where my work as an event photographer was coming to an end.

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