Abandoned Ursus factory in Warsaw

The abandoned Ursus factory is a place that I like to visit, although the building has already been stripped by local scrappers, it still delights.


There are many abandoned places in Warsaw, but one of the most interesting of them are the buildings of the Ursus tractor factory – in the Ursus district. This place consists of several halls that are quite large. Some of the buildings have been used by private companies, some have been demolished, and several of them stand empty.

ursus factory hall

Abandoned factory

The abandoned Ursus factory is a place that I like to visit, despite the fact that the building has already been emptied by local scrappers, it still impresses with its enormity and peace that can be found there – although there are exceptions. In addition to the scrappers, I also met “Jesus on a bicycle” who climbed the pillars and got into the dark inaccessible rooms above the production hall and was looking for something there. I also once met a crew that organized dance exercises, and later recorded a clip. Judging by the piles of bottles, cans and syringes, it is easy to conclude that you can also find a party or a junkie – fortunately, I met only once a group of workers who went to work for a beer.

billboard with logo and Ursus tractor
ursus factory building

Rooms in the Ursus factory

It is worth looking into smaller rooms, which are usually located somewhere on the first floor, because you can still find interesting interiors there – great for photo sessions – between shabby walls or damaged bathrooms of plant employees. I remember that, just like in the W-Z cinema, I came across office rooms full of notes, where you could find lists of employees.

washbasins in the ursus factory

How to get to the Ursus factory?

If someone has no experience in visiting such places, then I do not urge, because the buildings are in a deplorable condition and are suitable for demolition. You also have to be careful about security, or random guests who may have different intentions. If you still want to go there, let someone know that you are going there – if you want to watch out for yourself.

You can get to the hall as well as to the buildings of companies that are located on its premises. Some will be led by a wide open door, and some you have to jump in, for example. Through the window. So we got to the second hall where we jumped through the window next to the car workshop.

The first place I visited was the Ursus Metallurgical Plant “Modelarnia” from which unfortunately I have not preserved photos, but you can see a few of them in Google Maps by clicking on its name in this text.

The second hall of the Ursus factory

After a little searching on the disks of my backups, I found additional photos for you. These are photos from another day, from the hall that is next door, and which I did not get to before.

Photos from the second hall of the Urus factory

The abandoned Ursus factory is a few buildings that you can more or less get to. The second hall to which I managed to enter has access to the roof, where there are glass canopies of skylights that let the light inside.

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