Abandoned military unit near Marky

See what an abandoned military unit under Marky looks like. The perfect place for a post-apocalyptic style session.


This post comes from the old version of the page after which I was mainly photos. The photos that you can see were created quite a long time ago, at the beginning of my photographic career when I still liked to really get a lot of stuffing and looking for abandoned places. In this way, together with my colleague Artur, we came across the abandoned base of the missile base near Marky.

The abandoned military unit we photographed is located behind Marky (near Warsaw) in the direction of Nieporęt. You could get there by car and my old sejczento with a capacity of 0.9 managed to get there, up to the entrance gate. On the spot, we had to negotiate a bit with the gentlemen who probably had something to do in their quarters. Always in such situations you can somehow get along with yourself having a small gift and this time it also worked. Thanks to the kindness of the gentlemen who guarded the peace there, we could count on tying a big dog for some time.

Abandoned military unit

The unit has had its years behind it for a long time and not wanting to do to the gentlemen guarding the area, we did not enter its nooks and crannies, but it still made a big impression on us. An interesting exhibit was an armored vehicle which by some miracle still stayed there. Nobody took it away or dismantled it for scrap metal purchase. I would not be surprised if it could still be fired. The abandoned military unit is located in the depths of the forest, but there is still a lot going on there, because on its territory and outskirts we met traces of felling trees and an old Ursus tractor left. If anyone is interested, then also take a look at my entry about the Ursus factory in Warsaw.

Photos from the unit

Ursus tractor in the forest
secret military base in the forest
Abandoned Military Unit under Marky
abandoned armoured car in an abandoned military unit

Probably some people noticed a watermark on the photos with the address of the old page. Unfortunately, I lost the RAW files from which I called these photos and the only ones left are those with a watermark and page address from a few years ago.

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