About me

Professional photographer

Hello my Name Is Marcin Krokowski I’m 31 years old and the creator of the brand Urbanflavour.pl under which I work as an advertising photographer in Warsaw, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Kraków and Katowice. In my offer you can find event photography, interior photography and virtual tours. Im Recomended Google Street View photographer.

Event photographer - Marcin Krokowski

Events are my specialty

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I create photo reports and photos that help my clients promote their events, which they can boast about on the Internet for a long time. I am a professional photographer with many years of experience in photo coverage. I use professional hardware and legal Adobe software to ensure the highest level of service, from start to finish, in all conditions.

How did it start with events?

I have been photographing events since 2012. While studying advertising organization, together with a classmate, we were looking for interesting events that would be fun to photograph. I took my camera everywhere and photographed all the interesting events in Warsaw – fairs, events, concerts where I met a lot of interesting people. In this way, I developed my style and established the first cooperation with people who did events that I like, and I gave unique photos with which they could promote their fairs or events. Now I offer my clients photos as an event photographer with extensive experience. See for yourself by checking into portfolio .

“Only shoot what you like or interest. But bear in mind that Van Gogh was able to take old shoes as the subject of the painting and create a masterpiece ”

Jan Sunderland

Interior photography

Man does not live by events alone. Interior photography has been with me from the beginning, but not in the form it is now. Once, I was looking for abandoned buildings and interiors, which I photographed with great enthusiasm and shared them on the web. Today I photograph interiors for my clients from Warsaw, Łódź, Kraków, Wrocław and Katowice. Good photos of interiors can evoke positive impressions among customers who, in the Internet age, very often start their searches on the Internet. And let yourself be noticed thanks to professional photos of your interiors the premises.

Virtual tours

If interior photography is not enough for you. I have prepared for you 3D virtual tours that give an amazing customer experience to whom you show them. I have been doing virtual walks in Street View technology almost from the very beginning of this technology for companies, under the name of Google Business View. I love virtual walks because of their authenticity and wide view of given places because they give a full 360 image and the possibility of interaction. In my photos, I use accessories and lenses recommended by Google to offer you the highest quality photos in HDR technology.

Marcin Krokowski

Even though photography is a lot of computer work to prepare all the pictures for you, I don’t like to sit in one place for too long. They are my passion travels , discovering new places, tastes and meeting new people. I love running, biking and training at home with my fiancee. I have to move, though sometimes, like everyone else, I get lazy and I just want to drink coffee, eat chocolate and read one of Bukowski’s overdue books.

Warsaw photographer, vacation photo

I would like to visit a lot of new places in the future and take my camera there. My dream is to visit Japan, China and maybe Vietnam. So far my greatest adventure has been traveling to Peru and Bolivia, where I spent 3 weeks in a completely different world. Nevertheless, my best memories are the trip to France, where a lot has happened in just a few days, including our engagement.