Conference on Szwedzka

Photo report from the archaeological conference “POliŚ about the past” in the Kultura Wysoka building at ul. Swedish.


Photo report from the archaeological conference “ LEAVE about the past ” in Hall High Culture on ul. Swedish. A conference summarizing an interesting topic. Because it raised the subject of archaeological excavations while building investments such as Polish highways. These are such large-scale works that during the preparation of the site, you can find many interesting discoveries that need to be secured, and at the same time not delaying the construction of highways too much. I had the opportunity to watch these presentations as a photographer for a conference living in the area.

High Culture on Szwedka Street

The conference was held in the halls of Wysoka Kultury on Szwedka Street. It is a beautiful place that may be followed by a bad reputation from the previous owner who will accept a lot of advances from the bride and groom and not only, and then they will collapse. Fortunately, the new owner is rebuilding the reputation of this beautiful one space for an event in an old post-industrial hall on Szwedzka Street in Warsaw’s Praga district. Every photographer at a conference in Warsaw will love such a place.

Registration of guests at the conference

The registration of guests was very efficient thanks to the great Deluxe Events team, which has a lot of experience in this type of event.

Photos from the debate

At the very end, it was time for a discussion between the presenters and the audience who also had their questions and comments. It is an important element of each conference, as it gives the possibility of a broader discussion on the discussed topics throughout the conference.

Photographer at the conference

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