Meeting of honor fans


The photo report from the meeting of Fans of Honor smartphones took place for the first time in Warsaw, in the Level 27 club, which is located in one of the Warsaw wierzowce.

The first meeting of this type in Warsaw

On that day, you could check the novelties and test the upcoming models, see the new color versions of the phones. Personally, you could also talk to representatives and the head of the Honor brand himself. Guests exchanged observations about phones and dispelled their doubts. There is no such occasion, so you could envy them.

Club 27 for the event

Club 27 is the perfect place for an event in Warsaw. The location in the center, terrace overlooking the city skyline, great bar and décor encourage you to organize events such as the meeting of fans of the brand.

Photo report from the meeting of Honor fans

The honor brand meeting is a unique event for mobile phone users. The Honor brand meets the needs of its customers because it actually listens to them. The people responsible for this mobile phone brand organized a meeting for users to ask about their experiences, thoughts or suggestions. They even discussed topics such as what colors of phones they would like to see in the near future on Polish store shelves.

During the event, you could see the upcoming phone models and talk directly to the employees of this company, but mainly in English, or in Chinese because most of the brand comes from China. A photo report from a fan meeting where there is a discussion, not dry presentations, is something special. See for yourself how much fun it was, and most of the moments when the participants sat focused on their phones were a quiz on the Kahoot! platform during which you could win really interesting prizes.

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