Photos of the apartment for sale

Photos of the apartment for sale in Warsaw. Professional session of the apartment on ul. Czerska which helped in finding a new owner.


The photos that I present here were taken in order to present an apartment for sale, which is located in Warsaw on ul. Czerska. There is an apartment with an area of about 70m2 with a very interesting entrance to the bedroom, through a large sliding door, and a large bathroom in which 2 or even 3 people will brush their teeth in the morning (thanks to the second small bathroom)

Interior photography of the apartment for sale

I took the photos during the day, in the light found on a very sunny day, thanks to which you can see even better the bright living room and bedroom, and a large balcony from the same side. Photos taken with a wide-angle lens show the size of the rooms, without exaggerations. Some of the photos were also taken more to show some of the details of the apartment, such as the built-in kitchen and sliding wardrobes.

Wide sliding doors to the bedroom make an amazing effect, making the apartment seem even larger, giving a huge space. I really liked the idea. the more that right next to the bedroom we have access to the refrigerator.

Shower, bath, two sinks and another small toilet – for us it would be enough, since we live on 30m2 it is such a bathroom, it’s all inclusive. In this case, every day you can make a decision, shower or bath, instead of limiting yourself to one by arranging a studio apartment.

Photographer for photos of the apartment for sale

If you are looking for an interior photographer in Warsaw who will take photos of an apartment for sale or rent, then professional photos will certainly help you in this. The apartment you see has already found its owner. Comparing the cost of maintaining an apartment that is empty, or not rented, and a photo session, it can be even a fraction of what we will lose on such downtime. You can check the offer I have prepared and order such a session for yourself. Feel free to contact .

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