The premiere of the Volvo XC40 at Studio tęcza

Premiere of the new mid-size premium Volvo XC40 by the TESTA Communications agency at Studio Rainbow.


The premiere of the new Volvo XC40 took place in Rainbow Studio and was organized by an agency Testa Communications . This time, unlike other Volvo brand launches, this event has been prepared in an urban style, not in conjunction with nature. The XC40 is a mid-size premium SUV that will perfectly fit into the urban space of the city. The Testa agency has prepared the concept of the Volvo Car Night Market, which is the heart of the modern city, where space, movement, fashion, sound and taste dominate.

A musical start

From the very entrance, the guests were greeted by live music, which was just an introduction to what was prepared. Illuminated spheres hung from the ceiling, the scenery consisted of containers and specially prepared neon lights for the occasion, and greenery that perfectly matched this urban scenery.

Volvo Car Night Market

An interesting culinary experience was the zone of urban flavors prepared for guests. There are street food specialties as well as drinks. They also prepared their stand for visual learners and fans of fashion and design Lange & Lange and RISK made in Warsaw who represent independent artists and influencers.

The new Volvo XC40

The new Volvo premium SUV literally drove into the urban space prepared for the occasion, so that everyone could get to know it up close. A special attraction after the new Volvo was presented was the jazz concert of Wojtek Mazolewski who did a really great job, and by the way he turned out to be a really nice guy because we had a moment to exchange a few sentences.

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