Intel press meeting at the SEN club

Report from the meeting with journalists discussing new trends related to personal computers and Intel processors at the SEN club.


Report from the meeting with journalists discussing new tricks related to PCs and Intel processors in the club DREAM . Intel has presented several computer proposals that will restore the joy of work and play, and at the same time provide even better mobility and performance at an affordable price.

Sen nad Wisłą club

Sen is a sushi restaurant, club and event space under one roof, together with the Warsaw Rowing Society, located only 30 meters from the Vistula River. Sen consists of two floors, it is a club and restaurant where a press meeting was held, and a typical event space Dream Events in a panoramic view of Warsaw.

Being at the restaurant and bar level, we had an equally interesting view of the Vistula River, the National Stadium and the Wisłostrada River. There is also access to a terrace overlooking Powiśle. The place is really cozy and tastefully decorated. It is not a typical event space in hotels divided by partition walls. Sen is a place with a soul in a historic place in Warsaw.

Computers with Intel processors

The subject of this meeting were laptops with a budget of about PLN 2,500,000 for people who need a simple, yet universal notebook for today’s times. Intel has prepared its proposals for Asus, Dell and HP computers. Each of them was equipped with an i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and an SSD drive.

Morning coffee

The meeting started with a loose jackdaw of brownie. During this time, the guests and the hosts had the opportunity to get to know each other a moment before the official part of the meeting, which were also loosely but to the point. As a photographer for a press meeting, I am a fan of this form, without rush and pomposity. The organizers did a great job in this respect.

Press meeting

The press meeting was adopted to show the results of research on consumer behavior, current trends and the needs of today’s customers. There was also a discussion, not only between the leaders who conducted the dialogue, but also with the guests who were also interested in this topic.

Presentation of notebooks for about PLN 2,500

After the official part, the lecturers and guests went on to discuss the presented notebooks that were waiting for their attention.

End of the meeting

At the end of the meeting, it was time for a warm meal and another portion of talks and discussions. Each guest, when leaving, was given a small but practical gift, which I will not reveal here.

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