Virtual Tour from the Woodstock

This is the world’s first such a large Street View session! Virtual walk from the stop includes min. scenes, backstage, devilish …


It just showed up Wirtual tour in Street View technology from the Woodstock stop.

  • The entire session took 4.5 days and a night of shooting
  • Shots were taken during sunrise and sunset
  • Panoramas, including: main stage + backstage, ferris wheel, bungee lift
  • Photo session and presence Google Trusted Photographer announced from the stage 3 times

A virtual walk from the Woodstock stop is the world’s first such large Street View session!

Festival website

The photos were taken by Piotr Manik from the company Panoramo.pl in Gliwice.

I admire! ?

Quote from the Woodstock stop newsletter

Thanks to the cooperation of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy with the Google brand and the contractor – Panoramo.pl, fans of Przystanek Woodstock have the opportunity to take advantage of a technological novelty. On the official site https://polandrockfestival.pl/multimedia/google-street-view you can take a virtual walk around the huge area of the event . The walk takes place in the Google Street View technology known from Google Maps, which until now enables virtual sightseeing of places and towns from the perspective of the street. A global novelty is the opportunity to present an event such as Przystanek Woodstock.

Woodstock 2014

The photos were taken during the 20th edition of the festival and covered practically all the spaces intended for the participants of the event. Thus, the tent town of Przystanek Woodstock has joined hundreds of Polish towns and villages where you can walk thanks to Google Street View. No other festival in the world has yet appeared in the Google Street View service on such a scale.

“For many years we have been looking for new, innovative ways to present Przystanek Woodstock to a growing group of potential participants. and building our woodstock community all year round. We hope that the virtual walk, to which we can invite you today, will not only be an interesting gadget, but also many people, including those from outside Poland, who are going to our Festival for the first time, will make it easier to prepare. We also want to use it to draw attention to many interesting and important aspects of the Woodstock field and its infrastructure, ”says Jurek Owsiak, the conductor of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and the founder of Przystanek Woodstock.

Street View technology

The Google Street View technology, based on Google Maps and based on panoramic photos taken with the use of special devices mounted on the roofs of cars, is systematically gaining popularity among users on the Internet. Thanks to constant efforts, the number of kilometers of photographed routes is increasing day by day, and Google Maps is filling up with interactive panoramas from the most distant corners of the world. Poland has also been systematically photographed in this way for several years, giving us a unique possibility of interactive, virtual sightseeing of various locations in our country without leaving home. For about two years, Google has gone even further and now, in addition to views from the streets, it enables a virtual tour of the interiors of both public places, such as museums, galleries, and commercial headquarters of various companies: restaurants, shops, offices, factories, etc. Events have recently become the latest addition to the service.

virtual walk from the woodstock stop

Record in Google Street View!

The virtual walk from Przystanek Woodstock, consisting of 350 panoramas, is the world’s first event of this scale (!) Photographed and published in Google Street View technology! The total length of the route is over 4 km.

“The organizers are proud that thanks to this technology they can virtually document the phenomenon of the festival. It is the largest music event in Poland and one of the largest in the world promoting love, friendship and freedom. This year, he was awarded the International Los Angeles Music Industry Award, Musexpo 2015, in the Promoter of the Year category. “

Jurek Owsiak.

“Every year we observe how hundreds of thousands of positive people gathered around the festival create history in front of our eyes. By photographing the Woodstock Festival for the needs of the largest virtual world model, which is Google Maps, we wanted to show the whole world that we, Poles, can do something great and uniquely beautiful! If one picture is worth a thousand words, how many words are 350 interactive panoramas worth? We create history thanks to technology. ” – Piotr Manik from Panoramo.pl is proud of his pride – the creator of the virtual walk. “

Jurek Owsiak.

Virtual walk for everyone

A virtual tour is feasible even on such a large scale. If you have any interesting project to photograph, write to me or maybe we will do something on a similar scale elsewhere?

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