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A virtual tour of the Onyks.eu jewelry warehouse on Czardasza Street in Ochota, Warsaw.


Virtual Walk through a jewelery warehouse Onyks.eu in Ochota, Warsaw, at Czardasza Street. It is a place for DYE and Handmade lovers who love to make their own jewelry for themselves, or create their own products. Here you will find an amazing selection of pebbles and trinkets that you can use in your works.

virtual walk around the jewelery warehouse

The virtual walk was created during the session of the Miejskie Sporty store, which was then opposite, so to finish one session, they were asked to take new photos next door. Unfortunately, that walk is no longer valid, because the Miejskie Sporty store has moved to a different location in the center of Warsaw.

Virtual walk through the warehouse

See a virtual tour of the Onyks.eu jewelry warehouse, and if you feel like it, open it in full screen (by clicking in the upper right corner below) or in a new window (by clicking on View in Google Maps) to see more.

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