What is a Google My Business listing?

Google My Business is a free showcase of our company in Google Search and Maps. It contains the most important information about our company.


The Google My Business listing is a free NAP business card of our company in Google Search and Maps that you can set up at this link.

NAP Business Card (Name, Adress, Phone)

Such a business card can be compared to an entry in a phone book. Thanks to it, it is easier to find information about our company on the Internet. We can set up many such business cards in various company directories, industry directories, etc. The more such entries, the better for our position on the Internet, but it is worth starting with a Google business card and taking care of it.

It contains the most important information about the company:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Contact phone number
  • Business profile
  • Description
  • Location on Google Map (so-called pin)
  • Opening hours
  • Website address
  • Customer testimonials

Additional information in the Google listing

The Google My Business listing offers additional possibilities in addition to basic data.

  • Informing customers about unusual opening hours
  • Create a simple website in minutes
  • Adding photos of the premises, products, team or while working
  • Posting about news, promotions, events and welcome offers for new customers
  • Respond to customer feedback

Where will I be able to see my Google listing?

When someone searches for our company on the Internet, they will see it in two places:

  • In the search engine
  • In Google Maps
Google Listing on your phone
The result after entering the name “Urbanflavour” in the Google search engine.

If we have a good quality business card, which is longer on the maps, contains the most important information, is updated and has many opinions to which we respond, and our website has good SEO, we can also appear in the highlighted search engine results. A few tips on how to take care of it can be found here .

Company featured on Google Maps
Business cards highlighted on the phrase “Event Photography”

How does the Google My Business listing work?

A Google business card for a local company can get up to 25% of traffic to a website, because most users start their adventure in Google search or Google Maps.

If you run a café in Warsaw Mokotów and someone in the area enters “café” in a search engine or Google Maps, it is directly from the business card:

  • He will see what your place looks like
  • Can check if you are open
  • Get directions, directions and arrival time
  • He will call to book a table
  • It will see the menu (if you add to the listing)
  • Will enter the website
  • Find out about special offers and promotions
  • Photos and reviews of visitors
  • Leave your feedback

Benefits for us

Google Business Cards were created mainly for local businesses and is closely related to our location on the map. We can set the scope of action for the whole of Poland, but if the main address is in Warsaw, there are poor chances that it will be displayed in Krakow for phrases where the competition is already high.

If we take care of the quality of the business card, improve the position in our area, because there in the first place we will have the best chances, we can gain a lot:

  • Local SEO is much cheaper than classic SEO
  • We can reach customers that we have literally at our fingertips (in our area)
  • Offering local services (restaurant, hairdresser, construction store), the search engine over organic results (global SEO) will be more likely to show local results (local SEO)
  • You have access to search statistics and keywords
  • You can get in touch with the customer
  • You can react to negative feedback and build customer trust

How much does it cost to set up a Google My Business listing?

As I mentioned at the beginning, we can set up a business card free of charge. At the very beginning it may cost us some time, but you can ask for help from an expert in this field or an advertising agency, if one serves us. At one time, such help may cost approx. 150-250 PLN

Beware of scammers!

Remember to set up a business card on your own Gmail address that you have access to!

It is important to beware of scammers who set up business cards on our behalf and demand subscription fees of up to several hundred zlotys per month!

Some may offer positioning of a business card for specific phrases, but just like in SEO – if someone offers you for a specific amount the first position in the search results, something is wrong. I will write a little more about it in a separate post.

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