Who is my ideal customer?


Since I’ve been taking pictures, I’ve been starting to photograph friends and for friends. Most of them knew I was photographing and what my photos looked like. They had an interesting idea for photos, and then they wanted to do something about it and then I appeared to her that with my super-zoom. This was back in the days when photography was not yet my profession. I took pictures with such a swollen compact, which for its time gave quite good results.

Woman on the bus

I want to attract my ideal customers

Now I know that my ideal client is such a friend. Maybe we don’t know each other yet, so that’s why I start writing more on the website where I have a blog and in social media. Someone who likes not only my photography, but also a sick sense of humor, dry jokes and mental shortcuts.

Maybe it’s someone who sits somewhere in the office and will come to my website looking for a photographer for an event that he plans to organize. Maybe you are looking for a photographer for your party? Or maybe you take pictures amateurishly, you want to photograph something, but you do not know how and you need the help of a more experienced person?


Let’s switch to you

I work a lot of B2B, so I’m not worried at the beginning about this distance in correspondence and e-mails starting with “Good morning” or “Dear Sir” because you know – every opportunity to shoot is a good day, and respect is the most important. I’m just a little sorry when someone calls me like a big company. Although even then it may change in Hi/Whats up Marcin! – nailed with a five.

Photo with preschoolers

A loose approach does not kill professionalism

Some may think that too loose a collaborative approach kills professionalism. But ask my clients that it’s hard to invite me for a snack during the event, because I don’t want to miss anything. I respect that, I like to sit down and talk, be a part of the event and their day. They trust me to take pictures of them that they like and they don’t have to explain anything to me – “The Lord will do it”, “The Lord will do it”. They know me and they know that I can organize myself and ask when I don’t know something.

Man First

I don’t want to brag, but I’m always pleased to hear lichen when a client first asks about my free term before renting a venue for a party. I know then that photos are as important to him as they are to me.

Couple dancing in a circle on the dance floor

My ideal client is also not only a friend who counts on my eye and skills. It’s nice when we are connected by common topics, even if it was only travel, Netflix, pizza or coffee without milk and instead of photos we could talk all day. (Thank you Agnieszka for your patience in meetings with clients that have no end.)


There is another amazing thing that sets my ideal client apart. Only now I noticed it, and it appeared at the very beginning of my adventure and pushed me to further development. I mean this level of trust when people see that I’m doing specific areas of photography and ask me to do something completely foreign to me.

00025 fotograf eventowy miasteczko orange motorola - Urbanflavour.pl
We have prepared here a wall for photos in such a way that the phone with an additional lens takes pictures and sends them immediately to the second phone, which had an attachment with a projector. By the way, after installing everything, I also photographed the rest of the whole event, which you can see here.

I like challenges and although I sometimes have doubts that I will succeed, I give my best not to let them down. So far, it has been successful. Although a few times I had to refuse, because some topics were out of my orbit, or I would have to devote so much time to learning a new skill that it would be after the topic.

Dental office session
My first advertising photos.

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