Yoga Glow at Reebok Fit Shop

Yoga Glow is a Yoga session in UV light and a special body paint that glows in the dark. See photos from these Yoga classes at Reebok Fit Shop Warsaw.


It’s Friday, some are getting ready for parties doing makeup, and tonight we painted ourselves with UV paints to diversify the Yoga Glow training with Karolina Erdmann in the Reebok Fit Shop on Plac Trzech Krzyży. Classes were held in almost complete darkness, and the main lighting was UV lamps.

painting with uv paints

For the girls it was definitely an amazing experience, and for me an amazing photographic challenge to cope in such conditions without a flash. The only support for me was a tripod, but as it turned out, the classes for yoga were quite dynamic and I could not afford long exposure times.

Painting with uv paints

It all started with painting with UV paints, which gave the participants a lot of fun.


Group photos

After all, we took two more photos of all the participants. One UV and the other with a flash, so that everyone can be seen better. Which ones do you think are better? Let me know in the comments.

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Fotograf eventowy - Marcin Krokowski