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My colleague Mateusz, with whom we have known each other for a long time from his work in sales, went in the direction of Energetyka, which he studied. In this way, he came up with the idea to create a portal with two friends oEnergetyce.pl, which will explain the issues related to it in an accessible way in an accessible way. On this occasion, they needed a few photos for the website, social media and other circumstances related to the promotion of their brand.

Business session in Warsaw on the Vistula

Business session

With the help of a business session, they could show themselves to the world and who is behind the blog oEnergetyka. Now everyone who goes to the oEnergetyce.pl website knows with the information that you will find there stands Rafał, Mateusz and Konrad. The guys have a lot of knowledge, but they try to be accessible to the audience so that everyone can understand the issues they raise.

Backstage from the session

The whole session did not last too long. Everything took place at ease, on the Warsaw Vistula at the Copernicus Science Centre. On that day, there were also some recordings organized for PKN Orlen and on Wisłostrada you could hear the roar of Formula 1, on the water an extremely fast sports boat, and in the sky an air show. So we had a lot of additional attractions and an interesting background for the session. Here he will show some photos from the preparations, because some are afraid of such sessions and do not know how to prepare.

The guys came to the session already dressed, but in case of which they had something else to dress up and a few accessories such as belts, watches and glasses, so that you could change something quickly if necessary.

posing for a business session at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw

As for makeup, then there is no need. All you need is a lot of powder or special mattifying papers for the face, which can be bought in most Rossman drugstores. Guys, they just smoked some matting powder from their women, so it was very professional.

guys are preparing the mirror for a business session

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