Birthday party in Syreni Śpiew

Photos from the birthday party in Syrenia Śpiewie at the former “Koneser” Warsaw Vodka Factory in Praga Północ.


At the end of 2019, I was invited to Joanna’s birthday party. We had the opportunity to meet before her brother and his wife’s birthday parties. This evening birthday party took place at the club Siren Singing in the former area Warsaw Vodka Factory “Koneser in Praga Północ.

A photographer for a birthday party in the Mermaid's Song

It all started with an official dinner at a beautifully lit incandescent table. The table was littered with snacks and dishes from the kitchen Siren Singing , and good Whiskey encouraged guests to talk and have fun. As a result, I couldn’t tear myself away from photographing the guests and taking some photos of the place of the whole event. Really great smiling people.

The interior of the Syreni Śpiew club

The club is in a very industrial style, but in a very thoughtful way. The light that does not offend the eyes plays an important role here, and gives the place a cozy atmosphere place for an event in Warsaw despite its severity.

Birthday Party in Syrenim Śpiewie

The event began with an official dinner at a large table lit from above with beautiful light bulbs that illuminated the center of the whole meeting. In the meantime, there were more guests bringing gifts for the birthday girl.

Photos with ring flash

Once the guests had eaten and the party started to kick off, it was a good time to take some pictures of the guests with the Ring Flash that I like to use at parties where it’s hard to flash the camera. A hula hoop ring flash is great for portraits, giving you a soft light that is easy to control with one hand.

Photos from the dance floor and live music

After a while, a live concert on a partner started at the club, but the music was playing throughout the club. At this point, everyone hit the dance floor and the party started for good.

Photographer for your birthday

What you see here is just a fragment of all photos from this event, the rest will remain for guests only. If you are looking for a photographer for your birthday party – write . I work mainly in Warsaw, but I will get to a good party all over Poland.

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