What are Virtual Tours?

Virtual tours will allow you to see any places you want, check the hotel or restaurants you plan to go to.


If you want to see a place, check the hotel or restaurants you are planning to go to, it will be possible for you virtual walk . Are you wondering what exactly such a walk is? The development of photographic technology did not stop with ordinary photos. With the right lens and a special program it is possible to create spherical panorama which allows us to view a given place in the range 360 degrees .

Virtual walks

How to create virtual walks?

A virtual walk is nothing more than a combination of such panoramas, so that it is possible to move between successive objects. Thanks to this, also in the virtual world, we can visit and admire the beauty of nature and architecture, as well as check whether it is worth going to a given place. The progress of this technology also allows, thanks to appropriate applications, to create a sound effect so that the impression of being in a given place is even more intensified. Moving between consecutive panoramas is smooth thanks to, for example, arrows that show us the direction in which we can go. And when you want to look at a detail, you have the option to zoom in so that you can see everything even more clearly.

The future of virtual walks

Modern virtual walks they also provide important information on the individual elements of the panorama, e.g. when the virtual tour takes place in a museum, in a historic church, or when you walk virtually through the streets of a city. Virtual tour is a real revolution in the world of photography.

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