Flat for sale on Nałęczowska street


Virtual walk around a large apartment for sale on Nałęczowska Street in Warsaw. The apartment has 3 bedrooms, a large living room with dining room and bathroom, two bathrooms and a large hall. The apartment is very bright, thanks to the large number of windows that give plenty of light to the living room and other rooms.

We did the virtual walk quite quickly and there was a small problem with the bathroom panoramas. During the shooting, I confused the order of the photos and there were small complications. In this case, I had to come in the evening of the same day to take pictures of the bathroom again, which can be seen outside the window during the daytime. This is one such situation that I remember, that’s why I spend so much time during each session verifying the frames and the number of photos, and I try to check the photos right after the session.

Virtual Walk around the apartment for sale

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