Google Virtual Walk

Google based on a technology known in Google Maps as Street View , created a new marketing tool Street View | Trusted for business owners who want to show their premises from the inside in a unique way. It is Wirtual walk which, using the Street View technology, gives consumers the opportunity to “walk” through the premises that will interest them thanks to the series spherical photos with a 3D effect.

Performs sessions a trained and recommended photographer who, with the utmost care and compliance with Google standards, perform a photo session, which is placed in the Google search engine, Google Maps. It is also possible to place a virtual tour on the website or company fanpage.

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Google Maps Virtual Walks

97% of consumers look for local businesses online

Before visiting a given place, many customers search for information on the Internet. In the case of restaurants, this is the most important because potential guests are primarily interested in the menu and the atmosphere of the premises . Thanks to panoramic photos, it is easiest to convey the atmosphere of the interior.

Contrary to classic photos, which show only selected parts of the premises, you can show more and thus you have nothing to hide – the premises gain credibility.

Virtual tour of Street View Trusted

Service Street View | Trusted on Google Maps allows the customer to enter your company in a very suggestive way and see what it looks like from the inside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . The photos can be integrated with your website, Facebook fanpage, search engine and Google maps.

Street View | Trusted works on any device – computers, phones and tablets. Having a virtual walk the company also gains the distinction of its business card in Google search results and maps – the company’s position on the Internet is thus raised.

Recommended Google Photographer

Price list – Virtual Tours

The prices given below are an example of the cost of implementation for the selected number of photos. The exact cost is estimated after a free quote, before or on the day of the session.

Small up to 50m2

400 PLN

From 3 to 5 panoramas that make up the Google Street View Virtual Tour, which will be placed in your Google My Business listing.

You will also receive ready-made files in 8K resolution for use on Facebook and HTML code for placing a virtual walk on the website.

This package is enough to show a bakery, café, beauty or hairdressing salon and other small service premises up to 2 rooms.

Average up to 150m2

1200 PLN

From 12 to 15 panoramas that make up the Google Street View Virtual Tour, which will be placed in your Google My Business listing.

You will also receive ready-made files in 8K resolution for use on Facebook and HTML code for placing a virtual walk on the website.

This package is enough to show a bakery, café, beauty or hairdressing salon and other small service premises from 2 to 4 rooms.

Large over 150m2


Each company has its own unique character and wants to present itself from the best side. To show the interior of such a large premises, you should take the path and choose the rooms that will be registered in the Google Street View Virtual Walk, which will be placed in your Google My Business business card.

You will also receive ready-made files in 8K resolution for use min. Facebook and HTML code to place a virtual walk on a website.

Additional services

  • Adding a logo in place of a tripod – free of charge
  • Adding a floor in place of a tripod – 10-20 PLN / panorama

The offer and prices are for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 paragraph 1 Of the Civil Code. The website owner reserves the right to change prices and services described on this website. The prices given are net prices (without VAT).

How to calculate the number of panoramas for a virtual walk in Google Maps?

Google Street View Virtual Walks have certain rules that must be followed in order for the virtual tour to meet Google standards and, above all, be easy to receive for visitors. For street View Trusted sessions, the optimal distance between points is about 2 meters, and for long corridors, large rooms and outdoor photos, 3 to 5 meters. All panoramas must be connected to each other in a natural way, without obstacles such as tables, chairs, elements of décor or exhibitions. For doors, it is recommended to remove about 1-1.5 m in front of and behind the door. A Google Street View virtual tour made in this way provides the best user experience and correctness in the case of verification by Google employees.

During the session of service premises, it is the customer who chooses those rooms to be shown in a virtual walk, it is important to maintain connections between them. You can skip utility rooms, back rooms, office rooms or toilets, if it is not an important part of the presentation of our company. In the case of premises with several floors, you can take a walk up the stairs and using the elevator widget to change floors.

Sample calculations

Premises 15m2

Below is an example for a small café of 15m2 with a counter and several tables is composed of four panoramas. It contains three panoramas inside the premises and one panorama in front of the entrance, as the premises are located directly on the street.

Virtual tour for premises 15m2

Premises 60m2

An example for a commercial premises with an area of 60m2 consisting of a vestibule and three rooms that we want to show. Inside, it consists of eight panoramas and one in front of the entrance. A total of nine panoramas must be made.

Virtual tour for premises 60m2

Premises 150m2

An example for a hairdressing salon consisting of a large room in which the reception is located and a smaller room. This virtual tour consists of 12 panoramas in the service part and does not include a social part.

Virtual tour for premises 150m2

The above examples are optimal proposals for creating a virtual walk in terms of usability and cost of service. Before each session, I offer a free quote and consultation, because each interior has different requirements. We can increase the number of panoramas by reducing the distance between them to increase the precision of movements or reduce their number if we show large objects such as a sports hall.

Stages of implementation


Before each session, we determine the range of rooms to be placed in the presentation of the premises and the path of the virtual walk. This is done on the basis of the floor plan provided by the client, but this is an estimate of the cost of the service. I prepare an accurate valuation after viewing the premises before or on the day of the session and determining the most important details, which guarantees the unchanged cost of the session.

Photo session

On the day of the session, you should prepare the premises for photos – clean up the rooms and everything that may be within the range of the lens. You should also inform the staff about the photos, as each person and object that will move during the session creates the effect of blurry ghosts in the photos. In the case of automatic doors, they must be locked for the duration of the session. The session can last approx. 2-3 hours.

Photo editing and connection creation

The session is followed by the process of combining photos that will make up the panorama and their processing. During the processing phase or before the publication of photos, all personal data, faces and license plates are blurred due to the rules for providing photos to Google Street View. It is also possible to blur selected elements at the customer’s request, or if this is included in the valuation – retouch the tripod / add a logo.

Publish to Google Maps

Ready-made photos that will be combined into a virtual walk are added to Google Maps, where they are processed. This can take up to 72 hours depending on the server load and the size of the virtual walk. Until then, not all photos and calls may be available. When everything is ready, I send such information with source files and HTML code to embed on the website.

Important information

  • You only pay once for a virtual tour on Google Maps
  • Photos are stored on Google’s servers, but each client gets source files
  • Virtual tour works on any device – computer, phone, tablet
  • The rights to photos are transferred to the owner of the Google My Business listing
  • To add a virtual tour to the fanpage (it must have 2000 likes) With the help of photos provided after the session, you can add them in a regular post (also private)

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