Apartment in Targówek for sale

Virtual tour of the apartment for sale. See how to show your property with 360 photos on your computer, phone or tablet without leaving your home.


Virtual walk prepared for the presentation of an apartment for sale during a pandemic. The apartment has been rented for a long time and then renovated and is waiting for a new owner who would like to stay there for longer. The apartment is empty, there are no kitchen appliances, and COVID-19 is still raging in the world. By creating a virtual walk, we give the opportunity to show the apartment to people who live far away, who want to limit contacts during a pandemic, or do not have time to visit other apartments.

A virtual walk saves time both for sellers and those willing to buy such a flat. Compared to the usual photos of the apartment, we have a better perspective here and the opportunity to learn about the layout of the room as if we were there.

If we have Google VR, we can even watch a walk in them in an even more realistic way.

Virtual tour of the apartment for sale

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