Sweet Warsaw Taste in Friends of Friends


Słodki Warszawski Smak is a special edition of the Warszawski Smak culinary fair , which had its beginning in Warsaw and here brought together fans of new flavors or local specialties. I have been associated with Warsaw Taste almost since the beginning of my adventure with events. With Alicja who organizes the fair, I started the first commercial cooperation of this type and by the way I made a lot of interesting acquaintances, whether private or professional.

Sweet Fair in Warsaw

The advantage of culinary fairs is that you can dispute many different flavors, but there are also cool vegan dishes, meat or sweets, as in this case. During the Sweet Warsaw Taste, exhibitors offered only sweet specialties, which for some is an advantage, because during general events there may be more or less of them.

Friends Of Friends Restaurant

Friends of friends is a restaurant with European cuisine, which is open until the last guest. It is also a place that is used to organize events and fairs such as Warszawski Smak. I myself was there a dozen times at the fair organized in Friends of Friends in Warsaw’s Śródmieście district.

Photo report from the Sweet Warsaw Taste Fair

Culinary fairs focused on one theme usually have a more intimate character than as a big event in the style of an expo. Therefore, there are not so many exhibitors, but you can easily look at cakes, cakes, chocolates, bars, mousses and other delicacies. So just see a small taste of this event and some of the photos from that day.

Photographer for trade fairs

Quite often I took part in these events as a photographer for fairs. In this way, the photos from each subsequent event look consistent and in this way despite many events of this type in Warsaw. People watching such a report on the Internet can immediately associate that these are warsaw Taste events. For me, it is easier to work with the same people, because exhibitors already know me and know what photos they can expect and are more willing to pose for photos and present their products. All parties benefit from this. Organizer of the fair, photographer and exhibitors.

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