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Virtual space in the beauty salon “Szpilki na Relaksie” in Piaseczno near Warsaw.


Virtual space around the beauty salon “ High Heels For Relaxation ”In Piaseczno near Warsaw. A modern beauty salon offering a wide range of services has several treatment rooms that I have combined in a virtual visible walk in Google Maps .

Virtual walk around the beauty salon in Piaseczno

Virtual Walk in the beauty salon

The virtual walk starts in one of the offices, and there are a lot of them. Thanks to the virtual walk, you can visit all of them, thanks to Google Street View technology. This gives the opportunity to present not only the decor, an elegantly decorated place where women can take care of themselves, but also you can almost see modern cosmetology equipment with your own eyes, even before the visit. This form of promotion definitely distinguishes the salon from others that can be found on Google Maps.

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