Visual depth of field simulator

See the visual depth of field simulator I discovered. It’s great!


On the http://dofsimulator.net/pl/ website you will find a visual depth of field simulator and calculator.

Depth of Field Simulator

Camera parameters that affect the depth of field:

Thanks to it, you can change the parameters of the camera that affect the depth of field:

  • focal length
  • aperture
  • sensor size/camera model

And also see what effect it has on sharpness working with the model:

  • distance between the photographer and the model
  • distance of the model from the background
  • and all together

The calculator will tell you and show you how large the sharpening plane is at specific settings, and will show how these parameters affect the proportions of the model, the compression of the frame and the overall effect of the image.

If you do not yet know such things as, for example, that a small distance from the object increases the blurring of the background – I recommend you this guide with a clear conscience – you will definitely learn something new if you spend some time playing with this program.

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