Via Madrid to Peru

The first stop of the trip through Madrid to Peru and Bolivia when I finally went on a decent vacation, because how much can you sit in Warsaw?


In March, I finally went on a decent vacation, because how much can you sit in Warsaw or there in Poland. The decision was quite spontaneous, because having slight health problems, I wanted to go to some warm country and warm up a little. It so happened that just friends from the trip to the Pieniny came up with the idea of visiting South America through Madrid to Peru and Bolivia, and because I like spontany, I found that if nothing stands in the way, I can go. And from word to word, there was a plan to go to Peru and Bolivia.

Departure from Modlin

We started the journey from Modlin airport to Madrid. The perfect day to escape the country, it was about -15 on the thermometer. Why Madrid, you ask? There we just got the best connection to Lima. By the way, we had one day of sightseeing.

If you don’t know, in Peru and Bolivia they speak Spanish, just like in Madrid, so we could get used to it a bit.

And below is a picture expressing more than 1000 words. Something for those who complain that they can’t move anywhere. I myself noticed that making such a trip is, according to some, some kind of neo-achievable thing. Only no one looks that although the direction was spontaneous, I knew about a year earlier that I wanted to see something completely new beyond the borders of Polish. It is certainly not easy and you have to put aside some money, but instead of complaining and rocking in the clouds, you have to decide what you want to do with them. It seems that you can’t afford anything, and this is about priorities. Do we buy a new game console, a better car than the neighbor has or postpone such a trip. If anything, I recommend blogs for this purpose: How to save money? and Very Personal Finance.

telephone with wooden engraving

Baggage and check-in

The only minus (or maybe a plus) of this maneuver was that we had to pack according to the new RyanAir standards, which required us to pack a small hand luggage that can be brought on board and a large hand luggage that is taken from us before entering the plane and packed into the hatch. Unless you buy a package for “better people” who are the first to board – then you can take it with you. I was a little afraid for my backpack, but then we could enjoy the fact that those who were in such a hurry to get on the plane had to freeze longer on the tarmac. It should be considered whether it is worth hurrying in such a hurry. Everything valuable can be taken with you on board, and the rest can be packed in a backpack, bag or suitcase. You should buy a solid cover, because when transporting to the hatch, no one cares too much about cleanliness, because unfortunately everything is moved in a hurry.

exit on the plane

Arrival in Madrid

We arrived in Madrid very late in the evening and got practically on the last metro to get to the center, where we had an overnight stay.

Although we announced a late arrival, the gentleman who was sitting at the reception had a grudge against us. Well, from the airport to the center, it takes some time to drive itself, where like rats in the underground we had to walk through the tunnels several times and change from one line to another. I cannot imagine such connections in Warsaw in 10 or 20 years.

Flight via Madrid to Peru

Day one in the Spanish capital

After a short night, in the morning we went to the city. There wasn’t much time, but we managed to visit some cool places.

Housing demonstrations

Leaving Primark, we came across demonstrations of residents related to the increase in rent prices.

Plaza Mayor

If you find a zero kilometer in Madrid – the place from which all distances in Spain are counted, you will not far from it reach the main square. There you can meet Russians who, disguised as an invisible man, will want to take a picture with you for money. Of course, you pay.

Market hall – Mercado de San Miguel

Mercado de San Miguel is one of the most famous market halls in Madrid. It is the equivalent of Warsaw’s Hala Koszyki full of expensive delicatessen, food stalls and restaurants.

Another market

We came across another market.

Primark in Madrid

I’m not a fan of shopping malls, but it’s nice if Primark – a convenience store that looks like a small gallery – would appear in Poland. You can find there almost everything like in TK MAX, from clothes to home accessories and electronics. You can even buy a hat with poop there, if someone likes.

Street traders

Not only in the evening, but during the day you can meet here immigrants who hang around the streets. Here, just before Primark, we came across a clever team that wears its shops in the shape of bags.

The best churros in Madrid

In 1894, the San Gines chocolate shop was founded in Madrid. We went there for hot chocolate and churros.

Chocolateria San Gines restaurant in Madrid

And one more bar and one more delicacies from Madrid.

Park Retiro


Peruvian restaurant in Madrid

Walking around the city in the evening, we came across a pub corresponding to the direction of our trip. Where we met the owner and his employees, who come from South America. After such a dinner, we were ready for the flight.

Flight to Lima via Madrid to Peru

This is where our journey through Madrid to Peru began, we only had to travel about 9 hours of flight.

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