Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about event photography – about the service, pricing, number of photos, deadlines and my work. If you do not see the answer to your question, I also invite you to contact me.


Event photography is more than just a man with a camera. It is not without reason that an event photographer is hired for this purpose. Then the questions arise. I have collected the most important ones for you, starting with the most popular ones.

How much does a reportage from the event cost?

The most frequently asked questions in e-mails about the price of the service. There is no definite answer to this.

The cost of reportage consists of travel and reportage time, size and type of event, number of photos, form and time of handing over photos, not to mention the experience, equipment and preparation of the photographer.

A lot of it? That is why I have prepared for you an on-line valuation form for event photography. The form contains all the necessary information needed to prepare the offer according to your expectations.

What’s included in the quote?

  • drive
  • one photographer’s work
  • selection of photos
  • proprietary photo processing
  • an on-line gallery with files in full resolution, protected by a password
  • On each order, I photograph the place and its surroundings, the most important people and moments. I also try to capture all the guests so that everyone can find themselves in the pictures.

    How far in advance should I book an appointment?

    The sooner the better. This will allow me to plan my work not only on the day of the event, but also time for selection, processing and donation of the material. The date is booked at the time of determining the day, time and place of the event and accepting the submitted valuation.

    What is the area of activity?

    I am from Warsaw and here and in the surrounding area I photograph the most events. I also provide photographic services for my clients also in other parts of the Polish – Łódź, Kraków, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Poznań. I like to travel, so commuting is not a problem for me.

    How much does it cost for a photographer to travel?

    Access is included in the price of the service, which you will receive by completing the on-line valuation form.

    How many photos will I receive?

    It depends on many factors, mainly on the length and agenda of the event, the number of guests or your expectations. That is why I have prepared for Wasformularz  an on-line valuation of event photography, in which I provide the minimum number of photos that I will provide.  On average, it will be 60-80 photos from one hour of reportage. There is also no upper limit here. I don’t sell extra shots for pieces or packages. Each client receives all the photos selected in the selection process.

    Can I get all the photos?

    No. Each client receives a finished product, which is a service of photography, selection and processing in the style that I present in my portfolio. All the photos you will receive are carefully selected from many photos that I often take “in advance”, e.g. in series during important moments and choose the best ones. Like the sculptor, he does not give away detached pieces of marble, only a finished sculpture.

    When will I receive the photos?

    Normally, this is up to 5 working days from the day of the event. At the time of confirmation of the deadline, he also gives the exact deadline.

    Do you make videos and video clips?

    No, according to the principle “if something is for everything, it is for nothing” but I can recommend efficient professionals with whom I cooperated and you can rely on them.

    In what form will I receive the photos?

    All finished photos will be available for download from the password-protected online gallery. The photos will be available for download in full resolution and smaller for publication on the Internet. It is also possible to send or share using One Drive, WeTransfer and similar services.

    Can I get photos on the day of the event?

    Yes, but I need such information in advance so that I can prepare. At the event venue there is a lockable room where I can leave my laptop. In this case, I am able to take one or several breaks in shooting to rip the material and select several shots.

    What time do I start work?

    On the spot of the order I am min. 30 minutes earlier. For some events that require additional lighting, e.g. parquet, I am ready to set up the lamps.

    Can I get prints?

    Prints can be ordered and paid for directly in the online gallery that I will make available. 

    Do you work in a duo with another photographer?

    Most of the orders are carried out independently. In the case of large events or the need to process photos on an ongoing basis, I cooperate with proven photographers available on the given date.  It is the same in the case of filmmakers or other service providers. I recommend only proven professionals in this industry.

    Contract and settlement

    I am a professional who runs a business, and most of my clients are business clients for whom I provide B2B photography services, so we have to settle somehow. For me it is fabulously simple. See for yourself!

    Will I receive a VAT invoice?

    Yes. All prices are quoted net. I issue a 23% VAT invoice for each service.

    Do we have to write a contract?

    Usually not. Most of the arrangements can be made by e-mail from company mailboxes while maintaining the continuity of correspondence. In most cases, this is sufficient, but quickly and efficiently determine the details of cooperation and settlement. 

    Can I buy copyrights?

    Yes, this is priced before the order and requires you to write a contract. Contracts are prepared by the legal department, which needs approx. 5 days + time to ship the contract. 

    What is copyright?

    If you want to print photos from an event or session on shirts or cups and sell them, then we should conclude such an agreement. In the case of agencies for which he works as a subcontractor, this is not necessary. Unless the agency’s client wants to print T-shirts and make a cup from the photos I take. 

    Is the journey included in the price?

    Yes, access in Warsaw is included in the price of the service.

    +50 km counted from the PGE National Stadium.

    What is the area of operation of photo services?

    I work throughout Poland, the cost of travel over 50 km to Warsaw is PLN 1 / km


    I know that not everyone is interested in equipment, but more and more people are taking pictures and asking me these questions, so I will answer the most common of them. Even more about my work from the back office can be found on the blog. 

    After all, the equipment plays an important role at every stage of event photography. You do not need to know about camera models to recognize an amateur from a professional, because even the best camera and lens can mess up. That is why it is so important to properly prepare for work.

    What do you photograph?

    Currently, I shoot with Sony equipment, mainly Sigma lenses and Quadralite lamps, but it does not matter much. Previously, I worked on Nikon equipment, on which I mastered all technical aspects. I always focus on high-end equipment, offering the highest image quality and at the same time reliable.

    What do you process photos on?

    I process photos on a MacBook connected to a calibrated NEC graphics monitor with adobeRGB color space. Sometimes I make a selection on the iPad, but eventually I prepare the photos on the computer. If necessary, I can prepare several photos during or immediately after longer events. This is to be determined individually before the order. 

    Do you have a spare camera?

    Yes, on each order I have a spare camera, several lenses, flashes, batteries and memory cards. I also take care of the good condition and inspections of my equipment so that it works reliably in all conditions. 

    Do you make backups?

    Yes. Already at the shooting stage, I save photos in parallel on two different memory cards. They rip the material also create an additional copy of the photos of the file server with RAID array. Selected and processed photos from each order I keep in a backup in RAW and JPEG files. Even after a few years, my clients can ask again for their photos if they have a problem (confirmed info).

    Do you use flashes?

    Yes, depending on the lighting conditions, a flash may be necessary. I use flash light when necessary. It is possible to report without a flash, but it may be associated with more noise in photos or a different style of photos.