Wholesale interior

Interior photography and a virtual walk around the BagStar catering wholesaler in Marki. See photos from this project.


They create a virtual walk for the Bagstar catering wholesaler in Marki, I also took a series of photos showing the showroom of the warehouse and photos of the assortment. The photos show the premises from the outside and from the inside. It was impossible to capture hundreds, maybe thousands of products available in the Bag Star assortment, but I showed an outline of what can be seen there.

Showroom interior photography

First of all, I took photos of the entire building, and the entrance to the premises, which present a broad picture of the entire warehouse and showroom. The photos are taken with a wide-angle lens.

Photos of details and products

After taking photos of the interior with a wide-angle lens, I move on to photographing the interiors of details that can also be used to present the premises, or as graphics in posts, when presenting specific products. These are photos of only part of the assortment, because it is impossible to show everything. For this, a virtual tour and a product catalog on the manufacturer’s website are better used.

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