St. Nicholas’ Day at the swimming pool with swimple


In November, when the pandemic in the event industry was taking its toll, and I was starting with a new website where you are. Piotr from the swimming school for children – Swimple – spoke to me. In December, the Christmas season was approaching and Piotrek organized a looser form of activities for the kids from the swimming school on the occasion of Santa Claus. By the way, so that the kids would have a souvenir on this occasion, he decided to prepare photo reports from the classes. Only there was a small problem, because in parallel on several pools there were classes at the same time and there was no chance that it would split. He shoots well himself, but in order to provide photos every day, he asked me for help.

Livonian Pools

Inflancka pools are a complex of indoor pools, saunas, as well as gyms. The facility is not one of the most modern, but it still fulfills its role and gives a place for fun and recreation for large and small swimmers. It was here that Santa Claus was held at the swimming pool organized by the swimming school – Swimple.

Common photos

During the Santa Claus party at Namysłowska street, for each group that appears on average every 30-40 minutes, a small gift and a common commemorative photo were waiting.

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