Park in Arcadia

Park in Arcadia in the autumn period. See photos of an interesting place for the session.


A place for a session – where to do a photo plein-air?

Some time ago I was looking for places such as the Park in Arcadia, where you can make an interesting photographic plein-air. I asked a question on a photo group and got some hints. Some of them were interesting suggestions of where to go, but I had to check it out anyway, because they were quite vague tips. We do not know exactly how a particular place looks at a given time. I was looking for a field where I would find all those known from the session, huge round beams of hay, pressed in battle.

Place for a session - Park in Arcadia
old well overgrown with moss

Some Internet trolls even thought it was secret knowledge that no good photographer shares. They believe that you need to fire up Google Maps, street view and drive the car in person to each point on the map and choose places for the session. Sure, you can do that and more than once I did a little research sometimes, but some places are also more difficult to access, or just very far away and then you go on the food.

brick wall and statues

I’ve been thinking about making a catalog of places for a long time that I could use in my work. Since I used to take pictures with my phone, where geolocation was added, then I knew what and where it was. Only these photos start to get lost in the mess I have on my phone. So I came up with the idea that I would be adding them to the blog, just like today.

brick gate

Park in Arcadia

I learned about the place from a couple for whom I was taking birthday photos, and before that they were already in Arcadia for outdoor photography and they showed me this place in their album and I liked it right away. The park is also called the “romantic park”. I personally associate it with the Royal Łazienki in Warsaw, but it is not so big, which also has its own atmosphere. When I visited this place, after the security guard I met there, probably 6 more people. I was out of season, but I think that due to the fact that it is a place about 90 km away from Warsaw, it will not be as besieged as Łazienki, although do not be surprised if you meet some young couples there. When it gets warmer, the whole park blooms with colorful flowers and green ivy in the gates, which look like from a fairy tale.

green gate


The photos you will see were taken in the off-season, so admission was free. In the season, you have to pay about PLN 20 per person, which can also scare away excess people. Next to the entrance there is a parking lot and a shop, but there is not much space there, so do not be surprised if you have to leave your car somewhere else and walk a little. More information about the park can be found on the Nieborów website art.pl

white columns in the park

Think about what will be in the spring-summer. I will try to check it and add more photos, maybe from some session.

Changes to the website – news

If someone follows the site, I probably noticed a lot of changes and improvements that I made. I changed the graphic design, to a more responsive one for different devices. Now it is easier to navigate the site on mobile and mobile devices. Photos that were in the entries, I still move to the Portfolio, where I also make a selection and complete information about what events they concern and how they were created – after all, I think that the photos are still the most important on this page, but it is worth adding a few words. While cleaning up, I came up with a few ideas, and this is one of them.

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