Training in the LIF restaurant

Training in the LIF restaurant in Warsaw’s Mokotów district conducted by Janina Daily. See the photo report.


Another photo report from the training for the Monday PR agency. Leading the same, but the location is completely different. This time the training was conducted in the LIF restaurant in Warsaw’s Mokotów district. The training was conducted by Janina Daily, as usual substantively and at ease.

Restaurant LIF

The LIF restaurant, or “leaf” is an exceptionally green place. The space is richly decorated with greenery, large high windows, wooden tables and plenty of space. An ideal place for slow-style events or training that took place that day. Substantively, but with humor. There were also a lot of green snacks waiting for the participants, which looked as beautiful as the whole space.

Training in the restaurant – photo report

The training began with backstage conversations and included a few breaks to give participants time to have a casual discussion and enjoy snacks. At that time I was hiding behind green ornaments and I was taking these pictures.

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