Virtual tour of the “Księżopolscy” dental office in Ząbki near Warsaw.


Virtual walk around the dentist’s office “ Księżopolskie ”In Ząbki near Warsaw. Will you also admit that this is the perfect city for a dentist’s office?

We photographed the office just before opening. The rooms are equipped with modern treatment equipment, as well as a pantomogram room that takes fast and accurate x-rays. Everything in clean and pleasant white and yellow colors. Professional enthusiasts who are worth visiting are responsible for their patients, instead of losing their nerves in our Polish healthcare system.

Wirtual walk

The virtual walk was created before the street was renovated, so the unfinished road photographed by the car may still scare you Google Street View . However, now the whole street is finished and we are just waiting for new photos from Google. Inside, you can see the reception desk, two workstations with professionally equipped armchairs, and a room with a panoramic radiograph.

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