Abandoned Skra Pools in Warsaw

The abandoned Skra Pools in Warsaw are one of the first abandoned and ruined places that I visited with my camera.


The abandoned Skra Pools in Warsaw are one of the first abandoned and ruined places that I visited with my camera. Skra Pools are also the place of my first session on a Nikon D90 and a Nikkor 50 mm f1.4 lens – my first SLR. In the past, skra pools in Warsaw were teeming with life filled to the brim by guests who wanted to relax in outdoor pools in the Mokotów Field. Unfortunately, for sanitary reasons, the outdoor pools were closed and fell into disrepair. Today it is destroyed slides and cracked tiles in a littered pool. Everything is hidden in the bustling Mokotów Field.

Abandoned Skra Pools in Warsaw

The photos are over 10 years old, and in the meantime I have been making a few changes to computers and disks, so the photos you see are the only ones I have left, but I decided to share them with you anyway. Once a place bustling with life in the times of the Polish People’s Republic, it was a place of rest and recreation for the inhabitants of Warsaw.

The pools are already heavily damaged and littered, and concrete slides are no longer safe and you could rub yourself, but a lot of elements are in their original place affected by the tooth of time. The pools have already overgrown with grass and between them appeared trees and large bushes. After all, you can still visit them and get to know a piece of the history of this city.

stairs to the slide
entrance to the pool
opuszczone baseny skry w warszawie 14 - Urbanflavour.pl
Abandoned Skra Pools in Warsaw to Pole mokotowskie

Session at the abandoned Skra Pools

Abandoned Skra Pools in Warsaw is also a great place for a photo session. I myself took there the first few photos that I would not like to boast about today, and a few photos for friends, including a session for Outsider Look from which even the backstage has survived to this day.

Backstage from the session - Outsider Look - Abandoned Skra Pools in Warsaw
Click here to see some photos from backstage.

How to get to the abandoned pools of Skra in Warsaw?

Nowadays, the Internet makes things so easy that it will probably not be easier here. The abandoned Skra Pools are located on Google Maps, where you can see their location in Google Maps. Then you just have to look for some entrance.

The simplest input

Being at the Skra Pools, the easiest entrance you can find is between the Tola Pub and the Iskra Club. Usually it was there that I got to the Skra Pools and there was no problem. Of course, as usual in such places you have to be careful who you hit. Usually they are homeless, but it is worth being careful. In Google Maps, this entrance to the abandoned swimming pools in Warsaw has been converted into a bar #dokońcalata.

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