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Business photography for a training company is not only portraits with the background of the company’s interior and crossed arms in a closed position symbolizing superiority.


Business photography for a training company

With High5 I have already had the opportunity to work on other projects, during workshop sessions. During these sessions, we created relationships from workshops and trainings with clients. This time my task was business photos for the training company at its headquarters. By the way, we organized a session promoting creative workshops during which there was a lot of drawing, fun and laughter.

Business Session

I try to take business photos for companies in natural conditions with the existing light. In this way, it is easier for us to introduce a loose climate while the room has a whole set of flashes. We did some of the sessions in the existing light, because the conditions and location of the windows allowed us to do so. We also took advantage of the space on the terrace.

Business session from the training

The next part of the session was done using flash units to illuminate the models evenly despite the different setting relative to the window. Sometimes it is the case that by taking pictures of several people indoors or even outside when the sun is low, some people give shade to others.

Business photos from the workshop

During the next session, we used a small trick, which was not visible with the few photos we wanted to take. We wanted to capture several participants and the teacher during visual thinking classes. It’s hard to light up several people at once and keep the natural course of classes, so we took advantage of our sun. All the people sat facing the window. The leader is also directed in the same direction standing on the left of the flipchart (we have windows on the right).

Most of these people may not be constantly in front of the camera or camera, but they work very hard with people and have heavy their anxiety.

And what to do if the participants are not experienced trainers?

If you have a similar session that is supposed to look like a training, you can do a little improvisation. Sometimes I use this trick in various situations, when someone is to present a product to another person, I do not ask for a fake, but for a real presentation. By taking pictures, you can talk about your vacation and show the operation of a machine. It is important that the models focus on themselves, and not on the fact that someone takes pictures of them.

In some time I will also show other photos from similar trainings and scenes during which I did similar photo sessions.

Stay tuned!

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