Royal 18th in Smolna 8!

Photo report from the triple birthday party of three birthday party of three birthday celebrants who celebrated their 18th birthday on that day. The event took place in Smolna 8 Studio from where we could admire the beautiful panorama of Warsaw.


On that day, their eighteenth birthday was organized for the three boys, to make it more interesting, the whole event took place on the 8th floor of a skyscraper above the Warsaw powiśle, from which there is a beautiful view of Warsaw, and in particular the right side of the Vistula and the national stadium. It is Studio Smolna 8 a well-known place, with interesting events and corporate events.

Photos from the event

Photo booth

Guests had at their disposal a wall ala photo-booth where the frame of an old painting was hung on ropes. I put a separate lamp next to it, so that the photos were in a similar setting and so we made from time to time willing guests, photos with birthday parties and more.

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Fotograf eventowy - Marcin Krokowski