Motorola Event in Orange

A report of the Motorola event in the town of Orange during which the possibilities of MotoMods set-top boxes in practical application were presented.


In October 2018, Motorola organized an event promoting its solutions in a rather unusual way. Using Moto Z2 and Moto Z3 phones and several other models. Several interesting solutions were presented using “Moto Mods” attachments that can be connected to the phone. This is how 3 special stands were created in the town of Orange.

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Moto Mood HasselBlade

The first of them presented the capabilities of the HasselBlade camera that we can attach to the phone and take high-quality photos, using the optical zoom, which is difficult to experience in the camera of mobile phones. There was a wall with funny gadgets for recording movies that a moment later could be seen in a mini-cinema, where another Moto Mood attachment with a projector worked. By the way, before each such screening you could get a little popcorn. Cool, huh?


Everyone who visited the cinema, in addition to popcorn, also received an additional prize in the form of Motorola sports headphones.

Sweet breakfast

By the way, that we started earlier, it was also thought about a morning sweet snack – muffins and coffee, where you could also check the capabilities of the JBL Moto Mod attachment and 360 camera. Everything was delicious and the people were smiling. I like such events!

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