Photo report from the gala and concert in Belvedere

Photo report from the Gala on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the French Institute of Economy in the Belvedere restaurant in the heart of the Royal Łazienki in Warsaw.


The beautiful orangery in the new orangery in Warsaw’s Royal Łazienki , which houses the Belvedere restaurant, impresses with its interior and beautiful green surroundings of the Royal Łazienki in Warsaw. The 20th birthday of the French Institute of Economy took place here, during which concerts were held Magda Navarette and Piotr Steczek “Warsaw Lutosławski” The event was organized primarily for the employees of the Institute, who on that day had the opportunity to meet in such pleasant circumstances and place. It was also a great opportunity to present awards and thanks in such a large group.

Photo report from gala

Photo report from the gala is always an interesting challenge, due to the circumstance and seriousness of the whole situation requires technical skills and a watchful eye. Usually, these types of events start in the evening and are organized in a light twilight with delicate color accents, which on the one hand is a challenge to photograph in such conditions, but at the same time creates an amazing atmosphere of the event. I chose only a part of the photos for this post, but the choice was not simple. I wanted to show here and the course of the event, the most important moments, but also the atmosphere of old elegant Warsaw in the Royal Łazienki.

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