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A report from one of the best wedding fairs in Poland – Young Couple’s Fair – photo report.


A report from one of the best wedding fairs in Poland, which was organized in the Expo hall in Warsaw on Prądzyńskiego Street. The fair is an ideal place not only for guests, but also for exhibitors who were also present. If someone did not have an idea for wedding attractions, a photo booth or a photographer, then here he had a huge selection of various offers.

There was also space for large attractions, such as cars for the wedding, or decoration services showing entire tables with cutlery and decorations, as at a small wedding. It’s all under one roof.

A wide selection of exhibitors

The Young Couple Fair is a multitude of service providers, artists and companies offering:

  • Invitations
  • Small and large photo booths (e.g. a photo booth in an old school van)
  • Photobars
  • Glowing inscriptions
  • Wedding jewelry
  • Cars for the wedding
  • Photo and video services
  • Sound system
  • The decor of the hall and more
  • Bars and even photobars
  • Wedding dresses
  • Suits
  • Wedding accessories – bow ties, cufflinks, ties, shoes
  • Magicians and party leaders

It was really a lot. You could also discover new ideas, because hardly anyone would expect a 3D wedding that can be watched in VR googles?

Photos from the fair in the Expo hall

Live wedding bands

One of the things that stuck in my memory and I think it is a great idea was the social area for bands that play at weddings. It was a separate room where 10 bands could play one song each, which made it possible for everyone to present themselves live. When choosing a band over the Internet or by recommendation, we do not have the opportunity to get to know them live, see what their playing equipment and lighting are, and most of all how they have contact with the audience.

When photographing or at weddings, I have the opportunity to meet the bands live, and even see how some people approach their work. Some play with passion, while others play selected pieces and then go to their table for a chat while eating and even drinking. On that day, many people had the opportunity to get to know a substitute of what the new bands offer. I was really surprised. Great idea!

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