Food market – Noce i Dnie

The culinary fair on Burakowska Street in Warsaw called “Noce i Dnie” was literally held in this way. Shopping in the morning, party in the evening.


An interesting project appeared in Warsaw, which gave the opportunity to meet with family or friends over a nice meal, as well as to do shopping, and even cut off at Barber’s. The culinary market – Noce i Dnie are two events in one place.

Entry to the culinary fair on Burakowska

In the morning, you could do shopping there at the market, where mainly restaurants and small producers were displayed. You could buy fresh fruit, vegetables, fish or meat, but not only that. At the market, you could also find sweet delicacies or candles made with natural methods without the addition of unnecessary chemicals.

Guests of the culinary fair

At night, the market turned into a place where you could drink craft beer, eat pizza, falafel, ramen or Mexican delicacies. Everyone could find something for themselves and meet their relatives in a nice atmosphere. He also opened his temporary point on the spot Barber Garage where you could drink delicious coffee from an outstanding bassist, and, of course, pimp your beard or a professional frieze. The seat itself is in a great atmosphere. Part of the plant is a motorcycle workshop that operates there during the day. So you can ride your motorcycle, which they deal with, and they will refresh us a bit during this time.

Reception at the barbershop

Food market

In this post, I show only the evening part of the Nights and Dnie markets, but if I find photos from the day part, I will also link it here when it is on the website.

Barber Garage

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