Interest in the Vape Expo Poland fair

Despite changes in regulations that make it difficult for exhibitors to operate. The fair was smaller than a year ago, but that didn’t stop loads of Vaping fans from taking the ride this time. I don’t know anything about it, but there were a lot of interesting tastes / smells and the so-called MODs – i.e. enhanced e-cigarettes, if someone is not on the topic. A furore was the MOD-minionek. This edition of the fair was held in Warsaw in Praga-Południe on Mińska Street.

The first day of the fair

Exhibitors from many parts of the world and vaping fans from all over Poland came to this event. You could meet people who run their own stores with liquids (e-cigarettes), e-cigarettes, mods, accessories, and parts for them. During the fair, there was also a workshop zone where you could prepare your own taste of liuqid under the supervision of professionals from this industry. There were also workshops on braiding and construction of heaters, where you could learn what materials to use and how to wrap a “wire” that will be a heater.


Previously, I thought that the heaters are bought somewhere in China and replaced with another. And here the topic is really engaging. You can use special Mods that have power from several dozen to even several hundred WATs and have several heaters. A cloud of such equipment can make a good show!

The biggest cloud competition

On the second day there was a competition for the biggest 1v1 cloud where there were a lot of liqudia and vaping equipment to be won. During the whole event, there were also teams that did and showed off their tricks. You can, after all, run 5 circles from these huge heaters, one through the other, and then make a mini tornado. See for yourself photos from this event, which took place in Warsaw’s Praga.

Second day of the fair


The best exhibitors, stands and products were also awarded during the fair. Their winners received special Vape Expo Poland statuettes.

End of the event

At the end of the event, it was time to present a large number of freebies and samples from exhibitors, as well as a souvenir photo with a huge cloud.

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