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Wisła stop on Ratuszowa Street

The Vistula stop is a place where you can make a house party outside the house. It is an intimate venue for events for several dozen people, where we can rent the premises ourselves and organize all the attractions, music, birthday photography, décor, or snacks and drinks. If we do not have a head for it, then everything can be taken care of by a great owner Łukasz Marks with whom you can arrange everything in a convenient way for you. It even helps to solve the issues of distributing alcohol to guests, e.g. with tokens.

This event is another event of this type for people who have already asked me for a photo report from my birthday, so this time I could not miss it. There was also a great team of the Przystanek Wisła bar, as well as a permanent DJ at parties at the Wisła Stop and the Młociny Stop.

Birthday Photography

Birthday photography is one of my favorite parties because I know it’s always going to be fun. I usually come in for 2-3 hours to take some photos, but also to give some freedom for less daring participants of the game, who, despite my efforts, are ashamed of the lens eye, although they usually have some nice photos anyway. Birthday photography is not an easy subject, because to take good photos you need to interact with the participants and gain their trust. In this case, I was already downhill, because it was my second or third event with this team, because we had the pleasure to cooperate several times.

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