How to add Your business on Google Maps?

To make our company visible on Google Maps and search results, it must be added and verified by a special PIN code.


If you’re wondering how to add your business on Google Maps and make it visible to everyone, we need to do three basic things:

  • Have your own gmail address
  • Add a company
  • Verify its location

We will need an email address to set up and manage the company’s showcase. Under no circumstances should we allow you to put a business card on our behalf. If we do not have administrator / owner access to it, we may regret it someday. Some companies do it for and then charge for the renewal, otherwise they can remove it, so it’s worth doing it right from the beginning.

Let’s add the company as in many NAP directories as business card. I will describe it in detail below.

In order to make our company visible on Google Maps and search results, it should be verified by a special PIN code that Google will send to the address of the registered office. In some cases, it can also be a landline telephone.

Benefits of having a business card

  • using google maps (opening hours, menus, photos, etc.)
  • possibility to add a virtual street view walk
  • the credibility that the company really exists
  • the ability to manage opinions about our company
  • better position of the company on the Internet and in search results

How do I add my business on Google Maps?

Suppose our company we call – Makaronik Restaurant – is located at:

Aleje Jerozolimskie 51
00-697 Warsaw

Find the address on Maps or use Google My Business

How to add your business on Google Maps

Let’s start with the fact that you should go to the Google Maps page – maps.google.pl and enter the exact address of our company in the search box, or mark it with a pin on the Map. When the correct address is displayed, click Add your business.

We can also do it directly from the panel Manage your locations on account Google My Business .

Add a Google My Business location

Add company name

If we are in the right place, we will see a field to enter the company name. We do not use the Add missing place option because we will not be the owners of the company and it is Google and local guides who will verify its existence.

Enter the name of your company in this field and click on it at the top if other or similar ones appear. We do not click on the names of other companies.

Enter your business name in Google Maps

Add a business location

If our business has a physical location, we may mark it on Google Maps. In this way, customers will be able to find our premises, including people looking for services similar to ours in their area.

Customer service outside the premises

Another field that may appear will be the question whether we serve clients outside our premises. If we are a restaurant and we deliver our orders, we choose the areas in which we actually operate. Same with other services.

Remember that Google maps work locally, so even if we mark the entire territory of Poland as an area of operation, we will be visibly better for people who are nearby. If someone is looking for a McDonalds restaurant in Krakow, they will not be shown restaurants from Warsaw. The exception may be a company from a very narrow industry. If someone enters the name of our company, the area of operation is not taken into account.

Add contact details

It is important to keep in touch with customers who want to get some information from us, order services or get acquainted with the offer. At this point, let’s give the company number where you can find us. It is important that it coincides with the opening hours of our company, because we mark it is open 24 hours a day, we should take into account the fact that someone looking for a company on the Internet will see our phone and will want to get some information.

Opening hours

If we have a place, it is probably an obvious matter. There is nothing worse than missing or outdated working hours.

Opening hours

Additional information about the company

Finally, we may be asked to provide some additional information about our company. Often these are some additional photos. If we have restaurants, these will be e.g. forms of delivery, photos of menu cards, etc. details in a specific industry.


The business card is now ready. The next thing we need to do is verify the ownership of this business card. You should see this information at the top or in the list of your companies in the main panel at the address https://business.google.com/

How to add your business on Google Maps

It is worth going through all the tabs and complete everything you can. A quick guide on the most important things that you need to do can be found in my post about how in 15 minutes to improve the position of the Google listing.

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